Poem for Max

M A X My friend Always energetic, kind, friendly eXtra special and always in my heart I remember, in second grade, when Max and I wrote a book together and when we did a report on coins with another classmate. Mr. Gibson encouraged us to get up and read it in front of the entire […]

Ribbon Cuttting Ceremony for New Basketball Hoops

Ribbon Cuttting Ceremony for new basketball hoops at Farmingville Elementary School, Ridgefield CT Farmingville Elementary School received a special gift of two adjustable basketball hoops from The Max Michael Rosenfield Foundation. The hoops were officially dedicated on October 2, 2014 at a school-wide assembly held on the playground blacktop. The gift was made in memory […]

The Max Michael Rosenfield Foundation Scores a Slam Dunk

The Max Michael Rosenfield Foundation is excited to announce that they will be gifting two basketball hoops to Farmingville Elementary School in honor of Max Rosenfield and Mr. Kenneth Gibson. Max and Mr Gibson shared a very special friendship and truly made a difference in the school they both loved. Mr. Gibson taught at Farmingville […]

Everyone’s Hero! Fundraiser & Silent Auction

News – HamletHub Written by Ridgefield Playhouse/Max Michael Rosenfield Foundation The Max Michael Rosenfield Foundation had a fundraiser on Sunday, February 23, at 11 a.m. at the Ridgefield Playhouse for Max’s First Annual Morning Movie, “Everyone’s Hero!” Doors opened at 10 a.m. for a Sports Memorabilia Silent Auction. “Everyone’s Hero” is about a young boy […]