What Max Means To Me

Stories from the heart

Live Life to the Max means the world to me. I wish Max was down here with me. He was a great big brother. Max gave me a beautiful sister. Max taught me everything and I want to live my life for him. I play on his hoops every day. I hope he had a good life down here. Max is an angel. I remember when I would say I didn’t like The Boston Red Sox. Max and Dad would say you have to get out of this house. It was sooo funny. –Max’s brother, Adam A beloved son, best friend, and a pal to everyone he met. Max was the kind of boy that makes a dad very proud. One of the many things that I always admired about Max was his unselfishness. He was a kind and giving person at a very young age. He always cared for others and never ever put himself first. At recess, he would organize a flag football game and include everyone, even if they were not athletically inclined. Max was a great athlete. One of the coaches who runs baseball clinics for the little league said to me once. “Wow” who is that kid? He is far ahead of his years and very gifted”! His personality and energy were larger than life. When it was time to do something, Max was always eager and never said “no” or said that he didn’t feel like it, and he always gave 110%. He was always there to lend a hand whether it be helping his brother, his parents, his cousin or friends and relatives. Numerous times he was a shining star at school which is in recognition for helping others. – Max’s dad, Ken There are so many things I want people to know about Max, but the best way to tell people about who he was is to share something someone told me after he passed. This story has always stayed with me and personifies who he was simply, but perfectly. Max was a great athlete and loved to win. After he passed and I saw the dad of one of his friends he said to me, “the one thing that I will always remember about Max was that no matter what was happening in a basketball game, if he was on the court with my son he would always pass him the ball even though he knew my son would never be able to score. Max did this because his friendships were far more important than winning and I will always be grateful that my son had him as a friend”. – Max’s Godmother, Kate From the first time I saw Max I knew that there was a special bond between us two and it was just always there. From the time we did doggy piles and went running around the house he was always there for me. He was so kind that I always followed him. He would let you switch teams at a birthday party when you were feeling down and then he would cheer you right back up. From that day on I loved him a lot and I miss him a ton, but he will always be there for me no matter what and I will always be there for him no matter what; our bond will be there for ever and ever. It I know I will see him again, but not for a while. We will always be best buddy’s. I wish I could see him now or just one more day, but it makes me happy to know that I will definitely see my “main man” Max again. – Max’s best cousin, Michael Max was a little boy with a big heart. He taught everyone he met about love and the importance of doing things to make other people feel special. Max loved baseball and was excited when he was able to join the Ridgefield Little League. Each year the Little League hosts a Pancake Breakfast and asks all of the players to sell raffle tickets. Every year when Max got that assignment he prepared a speech, called everyone he knew and went into town to sell tickets. He wanted to be the top seller. Every year he would achieve his goal and be one of the top three raffle sellers and would win a prize. One year he chose tickets to a Yankee ball game as his prize. Even though Max was a HUGE Red Sox fan, he chose this prize because he knew his Godmother, who is a Yankees fan, would enjoy going to the game. I later came to find out that he chose those tickets over an iPod for himself, but that was just who he was; someone that always thought about others. – Max’s Mimi Max was up at 7 and went to bed at 8; exhausted. Loved playing any ball game, loved people, loved learning. He lived life to the Max. – Max’s Pop Max loved books. When I would visit, our bedtime ritual began with us singing a Yiddish/Polish lullaby while I kissed Max’s fingers and toes. Next, it was time to read. Max loved “Peter and the Wolf”. “Read it again! read it again!” he would say. Max had memorized it, so there was no way of skipping any words! As Max got a little older, he liked when I read Shel Silverstein’s poems. Max roared at the humor and each time he laughed as gleefully as if he had just heard it for the first time … never getting tired of the routine. Max had a glorious sense of humor! – Max’s Granny Linda Max was special to me. I enjoyed our friendship. I remember when I turned 5 and had a princess birthday party. I thought Max was so cool for being the only pirate there surrounded by princesses! That memory will always make me smile just like he did, and always will. – Max’s friend, Gracie I remember, in second grade, when Max and I wrote a book together and when we did a report on coins with another classmate. Mr. Gibson encouraged us to get up and read it in front of the entire school. Max and I had so much fun together. Max will always live on in my memory. – Max’s friend, Matthew Max and I shared a love of apple picking and the inevitable making of the season’s first apple pie. From the time Max was old enough to pick an apple himself, we delighted in this fall ritual. As soon as the leaves would turn, I would get a call from Max asking, “Aunt Mary Grace, when are we going to make pie?” Like everything he did, Max attacked the baking of the apple pie with enthusiasm and thoughtfulness. Max was a natural at using the apple peeler; made sure all the ingredients were measured correctly and washed his hands before rolling out the pie crust! Max was thrilled at the finished product- not only did the house smell great, but his family and friends could enjoy his creation , proving that pie is more delicious when shared”. – Max’s aunt, Mary Grace One of my favorite memories about Max was when I would try and convince him to be a Jets and Yankees fan. No matter how convincing I was he would look at his dad and say “Sorry but I’m a Patriots and Red Sox fan” – Max’s friend, Matt Max was a special person and student in our classroom. He was high energy and big hearted. He was someone quick to befriend you and give you a smile. One day, at school, a shy new student went out to recess. Afterwards, she came in excited and smiling because she had been by herself and Max had come over to ask her to play in the game that he and his friends were playing. It seems like a small thing to do but it was huge to her, and very typically Max. – Max’s 2nd Grade Teacher, Ken Gibson My favorite memory of Max is actually many memories, from all the times we played sports together. Baseball was our favorite sport, and we loved learning how to be better players! One of our favorite activities was to see who could hit the ball farthest. Max was so much fun to play with! – Max’s friend, Joel Max was a good friend to me and all the other kids. He would always make me or anyone else laugh if he knew we were sad. My special memory of Max is that every day he would have a note to me for my take home folder telling me nice things and that I was a good friend to him. I still have most of those notes. – Max’s friend, Gino Max and I were in Mr. Gibson’s second grade class. This was the first time we were in class together at FES. We became friends and loved trading Pokemon cards. We mostly traded cards at recess. Max always had great cards! When we didn’t trade at recess, we played other games. He was a really great kid! – Max’s friend, Tyler Max and I used to play sports together in school and out of school. At recess, we played basketball, football and tag. On the weekends, we played biddy ball (basketball). I liked playing sports with him because he was good and he made me a better player. He was my friend and I miss him. –Max’s friend, Joseph Max was a second grader who almost always had a smile on his face, especially when sports was mentioned. He was a supporter of the Red Sox, and loved baseball, football, and most of all basketball. He was a real friend too everyone. I remember playing Mario Cart with him at his house… please the memories are making me tear up. – Max’s friend, Will Max was a boy that gave all of himself to everything he did! From playing sports, to his schoolwork, to being a Big Brother, to being a friend or just loving his family. Max did it all with passion, while never looking for anything in return. A quality that you don’t find in many adults, but by age 7 Max had it in spades. He made a huge impact on my life and the way I try to live it. He was a special boy, with a special gift that he shared and passed on to everyone that knew him. The best part about it was that he was totally unaware of this gift he had. To Max, it was the only way he knew how to be! – Max’s Aunt Lauren I was fortunate enough to have been Max’s First Grade teacher. Max came bouncing into class every day with a smile on his face and motivated to learn. He was energetic, compassionate, and wanted to please me and his classmates. He TRULY did LIVE LIFE to the MAX. I named a star after Max because he will always shine in my heart, and in the hearts of all he touched. – Max’s 1st Grade Teacher, Sue Kalish I have many happy memories of Max, but one of my favorites is Max in Hersheypark. Although we was one of the younger kds on the group trip, he was a huge part of the trip. When waiting on line for the old fashioned cars, Max asked my daughter if he could drive her. Max climbed right into the front seat with a huge smile on his face, while his passenger gladly climbed in the back to be chaoffeured by Max. My daughter said he was a great driver! – Max’s Aunt Donna Max was the most faithful altar boy I had the privilege of serving with at the altar. When the altar boys would gather around the altar for the consecration of the bread and wine, Max was the only altar boy who prayed out loud. He was entirely sincere, honest and pure. He even took the priests part out loud. He knew the service by heart while I had to use the service book to be sure I did not lose my place. He was a true believer who inspired me, and many others in the church. He loved God, serving as an altar boy, and the Church where he worshipped God. I know this by how much he loved being at the altar and praying out loud with not a care in the world. I know right now he is serving at the altar in heaven singing out loud for all the saints and angels to hear. He outshone me in his piety and love of God. I look forward to the day that I can once again join him in praying the liturgy in heaven. – Max’s Priest, Fr. Luke Mihaly Max was such a firecracker and his positive attitude still makes a difference for me today. If I could tell one story that I think encaptures his attitude towards life it would be this: He and I would play basketball in his basement on a toy hoop sometimes, and most of the time, because of my lack of athleticism, he would beat me. However, after he would beat me, he’d always want to play another game. We would keep playing until I won, because I could tell that he wanted me to have a chance to win just like he did. He wanted the joy that he felt beating his twelve year old cousin in basketball to spread to me. Max always wanted to spread positivity and make everyone feel included. He taught me that joy is best when it is shared with others, and that’s a lesson I still hold on to today. –Max’s cousin, Brooke Max was very kind boy and a terrific friend, who loved the Red Sox. I remember when He stayed late at my birthday party and we would play in the bouncy house. I always had a lot of fun with him. I miss you Max!! -Max’s friend, Anabella M A X My friend Always energetic, kind, friendly eXtra special and always in my heart I remember, in second grade, when Max and I wrote a book together and when we did a report on coins with another classmate. Mr. Gibson encouraged us to get up and read it in front of the entire school. Max and I had so much fun together. Max will always live on in my memory. For the last two years, I have participated in jump rope for heart and have done it in honor of Max. I did it because he was always active and I wanted to honor him that way. I know, my buddy Max was watching the event the entire time and jumping with me in the clouds. – Matthew S. (Jump for Max)