About Max

Max Rosenfield, a 7-year old Ridgefield boy, was an ambassador of friendship, a champion of making sure no one was ever excluded, and a teacher in lessons of the heart. He was kind and sensitive and was instantly loved by all who met him.

Mature for his tender age, young Max baked brownies for play dates, birthdays and celebrations. He encouraged teammates of all abilities on his baseball, basketball and football teams.

Max passed away suddenly on March 14, 2012. His legacy lives on through the Max Michael Rosenfield Foundation.

About the Foundation

The Max Michael Rosenfield Foundation’s mission is to honor Max through community and school enhancement projects. The Foundation is committed to helping children of all abilities experience childhood joys; to nurture philanthropic activities that positively impact the lives of children; and to spread the good will and love that Max showed to everyone he met.

Foundation activities have included:

We continue to look for every opportunity to help others “Live Life to the Max”.
For further information on foundation projects and events, visit our past events or contact us at info@maxmichaelrosenfield.org